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Wheat the addictive drug we all eat everyday

Little surprise we all struggle with our weight

Wheat the addictive drug we all eat everyday, you don’t have to hang about in some dodgy neighbourhood hoping to be offered this drug by a dealer. No, you can buy this freely in the supermarkets every day, everywhere and even better it has been added to vast numbers of foods already. So, to get that “hit” and relief from the down you can feel coming is dead easy.

This is wheat I’m talking about. Yes, the staple of our western diet, wholegrain or not, this is the food we are told is good for our health.

I beg to differ. And the evidence I have for this is my own experience. Since getting shot of wheat from my diet the lbs have fallen off and they have stayed off. What’s more, I feel so much more healthy and mentally alert. But, I still have cravings for bread now and again – why is this the case?

From all the research I can find it looks to me that wheat is unique amongst foods for having the ability to be addictive. This addiction causes hunger pangs for not only more wheat but also non wheat foods. So, it creates food cravings which we all succumb to – the “munchies”. And it gets better: many experience withdrawal effects when they cut wheat out the diet. Both the addiction and withdrawal symptoms have clear similarities to the effects of taking opiates. And there is a reason for that – because the chemical process in the brain is similar.

The science of what makes wheat the addictive drug is as follows, this is a simplified summary of course…

The gluten in the wheat is broken down by our digestive systems into compounds called polypeptides, these are morphine like compounds. These polypeptides can cross into our brains from the blood stream. There, they bind with the brain’s opiate receptors and give that feeling of pleasure and a craving for more.

Understanding what happens to our behaviour by eating wheat gives us a fighting chance to take control and do something about it. It did for me. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place – I now understood that the food craving wasn’t just my lack of self control but rather this opiate like drug causing changes in my eating behaviour.

Wheat the addictive drug – benefits of cutting it out the diet

Removing wheat from the diet will have a quick and marked effect within just a few days. Here are some of the effects I experienced and are likewise reported by many others:

  • Reduction in hunger pangs
  • No more brain fog
  • Better mood
  • Improved concentration
  • Deeper sleep

I encourage you, if you haven’t already, try taking wheat out your diet for 14 days. Replace the wheat with wholesome oats – rolled oats are thoroughly nutritious and a natural healthy food. We make or protein products using rolled oats as the base to the recipes, our product range is here: PRODUCT RANGE. Then reflect on how your: health and weight. I’m certain you’ll notice the difference.

Wheat the addictive drug we all eat everyday